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Innovation Center Construction Update: On-Going Roof Renovation and Site Clean-up

We’re back to share more updates on renovation activities for our HQ. Join us in building the Kumano Shindo Innovation Center! Support our crowdfunding campaign.

Six weeks since construction started for our HQ, we've made significant progress toward renovating the 100-year-old akiya ("unoccupied house") that would become the Kumano Shindo Innovation Center.

Earlier in April, our construction team led by architect Masaharu Tada of td-Atalier, together with construction professionals from Shingu-based Nonaka Kōmuten and students from Kinki University's Kozue Sano Housing Planning Laboratory, began work on the new roof that follows the elements of traditional Japanese architecture.

The succeeding weeks have been a testament to the unwavering dedication of everyone, with the construction team working tirelessly despite the intense daytime heat. Watch Nonaka Kōmuten CEO Akinobu Nonaka share the highlights of three days worth of construction activities in this video:

Construction Updates:

April 14: Removing Sub-House Old Roof

Termites have damaged the sub-house roof, which made renovation works a bit more challenging for the team.

April 16: Dumping of roof tiles

More than 2,500 roof tiles were removed in March. They have been transported to a site for proper disposal.

April 17: Cleaning up

Even on a hot day, the team worked to clear the site of old wood and sacks of soil that were collected after dismantling the roof tiles.

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