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To realize our goal of a regenerative future society in which people can have a sense of excitement, we collaborate with the local community to create projects and learning opportunities with new, unprecedented value that are compatible with current know-how and technology, while respecting nature and the wisdom of our ancestors.


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Nature & Diversity

Organizational management that takes into account the values of the ecosystems in which we work, including the cultures of our company and business partners, the local natural environment and resources, and biodiversity.


Promote projects with the virtue of learning and collaborating with diverse entities, and having fun while doing so.

Spirituality & Well-Being

Contribute to the Kii region, and all regions where we work, by pioneering pathways that lead to well-being and revitalization of all living things. We do this by creating the proper a. knowledge, b. mindset, c. technology, and d. human resources, while paying respect to the spirituality of the land of Kumano as expressed in the ancient word "musuhi."

Company Overview

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Company Name

Kumano Shindo General Incorporated Association (GIA)

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Adam LOBEL, Kouji MIKI, Carolina CARVALHO

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875-3 Idocho, Kumano-shi, Mie 519-4324 Japan

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Summary of Activities

1. Online & Recurrent Education

2. Children's Environmental Education

3. Innovation Programs

4. Introducing Japan's Regenerative Industries to Overseas Markets

5. Other Projects for a Regenerative Future Society

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Main Bank

San ju San Bank

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History of Foundation

In June 2020, Adam visited Kumano City for the first time and fell in love with an abandoned farm house and surrounding satoyama, traditional agricultural landscape, in Ido town. He learned that Kumano, like many local regions, is experiencing a population decline due to an outflow of young people and an aging population, and that forestry and other primary industries were in decline. He also realized that Kumano is a place with a high affinity for innovation because of its 1) rich nature, 2) important history, and 3) legacy of a unique Japanese spirituality called "musuhi." He soon began assembling a team to design and implement regenerative activities and technologies, and use communication technology to connect Kumano with other challenged regions and nations.

  • October 2019: Project member Adam Lobel receives INNO Generation Award

  • August 2020: Began activities as Kumano Shindo project

  • November 2020: Started operating a network hub -- cooperative organization affiliated with the INNO-vation program, administered by the Govt. of Japan, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  • June 2021: Established Kumano Shindo as a general incorporated association


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