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Kumano Shindo HQ Update: Construction of New Roof in Progress

Things are moving as planned for the renovation of our headquarters.

After starting construction on March 13, our construction team has made significant progress on the Kumano Shindo Innovation Center. The roof tiles have been successfully removed, and construction has shifted to building the new roof.

Roof construction in progress: Installing taruki and dōbuchi roofing materials.

In the short clip below, Nonaka Kōmuten CEO Akinobu Nonaka explains the roofing materials used in the construction. The taruki (roof rafters) are the approximately four meter-long planks that extend from the ridge beam down to the eave of the roof. Taruki, one of the elements of traditional Japanese architecture, is normally a square timber placed from the ridge beam to the purlin and eave girder according to the slope of the roof and is used to support the baseboard.

Nonaka then points to dōbuchi ("furring strips"), lumber used for attaching paneling boards or corrugated metal sheets. Dōbuchi are fixed horizontally across the taruki.

The first phase of construction involved removing unbroken roof tiles and clearing obstructions around the house. Architect Masaharu Tada of td-Atalier leads our team, together with construction professionals from Shingu-based Nonaka Kōmuten and students from Kinki University's Kozue Sano Housing Planning Laboratory.

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