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Business Overview

1. E-Learning Course Development

2. Children's Environmental Education (Food Forest)

3. Innovation Seminars (ZenSchool)


​What Do We Provide?


Regenerative Society

Wellness-related projects and projects related to the development of weird and innovative human resources needed to achieve a regenerative future society.

Click here learn more about zenschool Kumano, a program based on True Innovation®, a theory developed over the past eight years to create intrinsically motivated innovators like Steve Jobs.


Creative Events

Planning and implementation of creative events with local community participation and inbound tourism in harmony with the philosophy and vision of a regenerative future society.


Renewable Energy

Community-driven learning sessions about renewable energy generation and storage systems to improve disaster prevention.


Efficiency Improvement

Revitalization and efficiency improvement of primary and secondary industries using IoT and ICT.


Network Projects

Design and implementation of "network projects" to support domestic and overseas industry-academia-government collaborations.


Business development

Introduce domestic regenerative projects and technologies to overseas partners in the regenerative community to create and expand business opportunities for Japanese industry. 


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