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Enjoying English Conversation and Cooking

The Mie Prefectural Kumano Youth Nature House (Director: Takuya Motoyama), located in Kanayama-cho, Kumano city, recently held its "Third Outdoor Cooking Class" this time online, the first online event in the history of the facility. Six parents and children from Kumano, and four from Owase, participated in the class and tried their hand at American cooking. The instructors were Adam Lobel of Kumano Shindo GIA, and Yuko Inoue of irokuma kids. The program was conducted over Zoom from the Adam's home, the homes of the five participating families, and the Kumano Youth Nature House. Following the opening ceremony and self-introductions, the participants first got to know each other through English games.

Adam asked the participants questions in English about their favorite animals, desserts, etc., and they drew pictures to display their answers. A bingo game followed with special rules: participants had to paste a picture on each square, and take turns pronouncing the picture in English. Adam also sang a song about the four seasons while adding gestures, and the participants deepened their understanding of English by imitating the gestures. After this, participants began the cooking segment. On this day, everyone cooked three American camping dishes: chili con carne (a mixture of kidney beans, minced meat, and onions), couscous salad, and cornbread. Parents and children enjoyed working together while learning how to cook from Adam and Yuko. One participant commented, "I was a little nervous about my first online class, but I had a lot of fun. It was a good experience for me to learn English, which I don't usually hear. It was also good to learn about American cuisine," another noted, "It was good to learn English with a teacher in a fun environment"(source: Yoshikuma Shimbun Newspaper, 2022/02/17). You can read the whole article (in Japanese) by clicking on the link below.


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