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Adam Meets Dutch Community Builder, Josine Bakkes; Plan Japan-Europe Collaboration

Josine Bakkes Regenerative movement Japan
Kumano Shindo Representative Director, Adam Lobel, meets Dutch community builder Josine Bakkes in Omotesando.

On February 28th, 2022, our representative director, Adam Lobel, met Dutch community builder Josine Bakkes in Omotesando to talk about the regenerative movement in Japan and Kumano Shindo’s ongoing Innovation Center project. The meeting also brought ideas on potential collaborations and the possibility of Josine becoming Kumano Shindo’s program ambassador for Europe.

Adam and Josine first connected on LinkedIn through their mutual friend, Lauren Minis, who leads Regeneration Pollination. Researching for her personal projects, Josine tapped her network to connect to initiatives on cultural revitalization and ecosystem regeneration in Japan. Adam was one of the people who responded, eventually leading to their auspicious meeting in one of the trendy cafes in Omotensando.

During her Japan visit, Josine explored projects related to food and farming, regenerative medicines and healthcare, education, urban infrastructure, and bioclimatic building and design, among others. She recommended connecting with several organizations and initiatives contributing to the regenerative movement in the country.

About Josine

Highly passionate about connecting people to power community change, Josine describes herself as a creative strategist and international expert in entrepreneurship and community design. She advises local and international organizations, brands, startups, and startup acceleration platforms across industries on building impact communities. Her work has strong roots in Austria, where she served as the former head of social impact at AustrianStartups and representative for the Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria before moving to France.

With a background in media strategy, Josine leverages the power of media to shape narratives and communities for the better. She has worked as a strategist with well-known advertising agencies such as DDB and MediaMonks, and with Red Bull on their Social Innovation programs. Josine is a Horizon Europe Innovation Expert with the EISMEA, a jury member for the World Summit Award, and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. She is also a passionate lecturer, speaker, mentor, and writer, inspiring and empowering others to create meaningful change in their communities.

We are truly excited to bring her expertise in developing future projects for Kumano Shindo. Connect with Josine via LinkedIn and visit her work portfolio to learn more about her projects.


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