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A New Way of Sharing Your Thanks and Well-Wishes: Your Message in the Sukkah of Kumano

Updated: Sep 20, 2021


Kumano Shindo, a general incorporated association (GIA) established in June 2021 in Mie Prefecture, Japan (Representative Directors: Adam Lobel and Emi Inoue), will organize a celebration of Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival, in an innovative way unique to this era.

For details, please download the PDF below:

Kumano Shindo_Press Release_EN
Download PDF • 1.66MB

Event Overview

■ Date & Time:

Sept 26 (Sun) 11:00~21:30

Sept 27 (Mon) 11:00~21:30

■ Venue: 

875-3 Idocho, Kumano City, Mie Prefecture

■ Supporting Organizations: irokuma kids, marujyu paper company

For more information on how to participate and fees, please visit the event pages:

* Please note that the content of the event may change due to various circumstances.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Sukkah of Kumano will be decorated with solar-powered illuminated jars and bottles ("Lights of Hope"), which will be decorated by local children with natural materials under the guidance of the Irokuma Kids. Would you like to provide this opportunity to a child, and support our other regenerative educational programming? Our sponsorship program includes purchasing materials required for Lights of Hope, as well as other benefits. Please see below for details.

Sponsorship Plan (2021.9.20)
Download PDF • 4.42MB


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