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🌿 Full of Fun with Nature at Kumano Shindo Garden Club!

Reflecting on my childhood in Great Neck, New York, some of my fondest memories are of searching for wild raspberries. The simple joy of navigating through thorny bushes to find those sweet rewards taught me not only about the wonder of how my body moved through space, but also fostered a deep love for nature.

Together with Amy Arnett, a fantastic educator and agroforestry expert who lives in nearby Shimokitayama Village, Nara Prefecture, we are reviving Kumano Shindo's satoyama (traditional agricultural landscape). Our mission is to build a food forest where children of all ages can explore and learn about the environment in the most engaging way—just like I did among the raspberry bushes.

Starting May 19, 2024, join us at the Kumano Shindo Education Center for the Garden Club's activities:

🐝 Get up close with nature and learn about different small creatures 🐿️

🍓Enjoy seasonal fruits fresh from the garden 🫐

🗣️ Immerse in American English in a natural setting 🌳

💐 Take home some beautiful flowers just for joining us ✨

It's never too early or too late to fall in love with nature. Check our calendar for more details and come experience the joy of learning at any age!

📍Location: Kumano Shindo Education Center, 875-3 Idocho, Kumano City (near the Daidokan Judo Dojo) (Google Maps)


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