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"My Helio Compass" Exploration Content is Accepting Entries!

Helio Compass is an innovative tool to understand our relationship with time and space. Users can check the current location of the Earth with respect to other planets in our solar system, and plan projects and life events in harmony with a myriad a different cultures that have used the planets to deepen their understanding of the natural world. To-date, hundreds of different calendars, which map valuable agricultural and project management methods, have been ported to the Helio Compass framework. A growing community of users (including the founders of Kumano Shindo) are coming together to search for new concepts to map, and new ways to use insights distilled from Helio Compass to energize regenerative society leaders around the world.

Kumano Shindo is proud to co-sponsor a global contest organized by Helio Compass thought leaders to map new ideas and deploy new methodologies based on Helio Compass. We encourage you to use this system to schedule an upcoming project, and determine for yourself it if helps you move things forward with improved confidence, while connecting with the natural rhythms of our planet earth and our solar system.

I used to think that calendars were made in ancient times end of story, but this new calendar and timekeeping framework will celebrate its 15th anniversary next year! The inventor is Kaichi Sugiyama personally had deep questions about humankind's relationship to time. He subsequently pursued an in-depth global research project of calendars and astronomy-based systems to find answers to his questions, including visiting elders of the tribe that directly inherited the Mayan calendar. His efforts resulted in the rediscovery of ancient wisdom, and the invention of the Helio Compass, and has since been used as a tool to help organizations and individuals achieve and self-realization, and build bridges to improve intercultural understanding.

The underlying concept of Helio Compass is to understand the position of the Earth as seen from space, which is different from conventional calendars that are based on the movement of the sun and moon as seen from the Earth. A user's creative process begins acquiring a Helio Compass template online, based on yearly movements of the solar system scaled down and mapped to one-trillionth degree using data from NASA and other reputable sources. Then, users begin a vigorous process where they plot goals and visions in harmony with angles and measurements which have proven successful in the past. Guidance is provided for free or as a paid service from members of the Helio Compass community. The result: each Helio Compass becomes a veritable (and verifiable) map of how we related effectively with time and space!

Kumano Shindo uses Helio Compass to run our organization, and the first major change we've experienced is using degrees instead of days to schedule important projects and company events. We'll ask each other, "How many more degrees until this event?," or, "Have we plotted at least 120 degrees between today and the event's start date?" The spherical as opposed to linear nature of Helio Compass allows us a better bird's-eye view of our schedule; we can then zoom in on a particular region to discuss and agree on more minute details.

Helio Compass is used for many purposes other than running an organization like ours. It is used for schools and interest-groups' scheduling, agriculture cycles for farmers and business cycles in the apparel industry, and raw material traceability, life events, cyclical natural resource flows, and forestry growth and cutting cycles.. Since it is based on the rhythms of the earth, it can be used by anyone regardless of race, nationality, religion, or occupation.

Helio Compass community is growing and has put out a call for new ideas. Try recording your schedule and life events in Helio Compass, and if it resonates, why don't you apply to enter your version into the community's resource repository?

For details, click the link below. The application period ends on November 7!


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