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Collaboration with The Leffell School

Kumano Shindo began a collaboration with the Leffell School in May 2022. What began as a discussion to connect our sukkah project with their school in New York evolved into a collaboration on low-carbon society. We sent ten HIASOBI's to their school to be used as part of an environmental education class on biochar and tree planting!


Students using HIASOBI STEAM tool

After weeks of planning and shipping the HIASOBI to New York, on Monday October 3 Vivian Nadasdi and her 12th grade environmental science students burned eight HIASOBI and doused with water to make HIASOBI Biochar! 


Planting a seedling with a NOZIMOKU HIASOBI Biochar

Starting on Wednesday October 12 students from Vivian's class planted Flowering Cherry Blossoms, Red Maples, and Japanese Maples throughout the Leffell School campus. Students are collecting data, including tree height and foliage health, to monitor the success of the project.


Webinar with Kumano Shindo, NOZIMOKU, and the Leffell School

On Friday October 7 members of Kumano Shindo and NOZIMOKU, the creators of HIASOBI, met online with students Leffell School to discuss sustainable forestry, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity. 


The Leffell School students posing with a wheelbarrow and a visitor from Japan.

Adam was grateful to visit the school and observe the project in-person on Friday October 28. He got to hear first-hand from the students their impression of environmental science, Biochar HIASOBI, and their life aspirations!

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