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International Seminar on Helio Compass

On Wednesday April 14, Adam organized a seminar for Helio COMPASS creator Kaichi Sugiyama. Helio COMPASS has gained traction as a way for communities to relate with time in a more regenerative, enjoyable way!




On April 14, Kumano Shindo facilitated a seminar to introduce the Helio COMPASS the brainchild of Kaichi Sugiyama, to the Global Regeneration CoLab.


Feedback from the GRC was overwhelmingly positive: "This was fascinating!" The seminar inspired GRC Worldwide Co-Working moderator Andrew Crosby to write an article on Medium entitled, "It's About Time"


The seminar was recorded an put on YouTube. Those who are interested can view here.


In addition to generously sharing his Helio COMPASS prototype with the GRC, Kaichi is involving Andrew as a judge in his international Helio COMPASS competition, which can be viewed online. Kumano Shindo is a sponsor of this year's competition!

YouTube Video
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